KAUFMANN KARL (1843-1901)

"View from Florence (Italy)"
oil on wood panel signed low right Fr.Gilbert
pseudonym of Karl Kaufmann
Frame gild with gold leaf
Dim panel : 53 X 41 cm
Dim frame : 80 X 69 cm


KAUFMANN KARL (1843-1901)

Pseudonyms :
C.Carlo, Fr. Gilbert, W.Brukel, H.Carnier, W.Carnier, F.Gilbert, O.Halm, C. Charpentier, J. Holmstedt, Charles Marchand , R. Merkner, B.Lambert, E. Leutner, M.Heger, Hobart, L. van Howe/van Hove, R.Jäger, Ch. Laarsen, Lundberg, F.Marchant, J.Marchant, C.Poul, F.Rodek, J. Rollin, R. Benda, F. Herink, , L. Bertini , H. Rohr, C. Von Erlach, J. Holmstedt, , Leo Perla, A. Hofmann , Theodore Walter , Giovanetti , F. Kowski, K. Schwartz , Fabretto, J. Breton , Carl Apati Hanka , O. Glyka , Fr. Ebendal , G. Marzani , F. Langer

Austrian painter
19th century

Born 1843 in Neuplachavitz
Dead 1901 in Vienne

Landscapes, urbanscapes, waterscapes, architecture,

He devoted to oriental cities views and Venice regarded as the Orient's gate. Some works are just an imaginary orient.

Bibliography :
Dictionary of Artists E.Benezit Vol VII/719